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Dear Pregnant Moms,

How are you today? Still having a miserable Morning Sickness?? Here are some tips to help you eliminate the sickness:


1. Eat Little But Often – Yes Mom, it works on me during my last pregnancy..I ate little but quite often like almost every 2 hours. Firstly in the morning, I started by having some crackers right away after I woke up..Then I drank orange juices..I waited for 5 to 10 minutes before I started eating small serve of sandwiches..I waited again for 10 minutes before I drank the milk..I follow the pattern for my lunch, snack time, and dinner..

2. Drink Lots of Water and Fresh Juice – Yes Mom, that worked on me too! Mineral Water is the healtiest drink among others..Drink it as plenty and as often as you can..Please..Please..Please..Say NO TO ALCOHOL and COFFEE during your pregnancy..Change it to Fresh Juice such as orange, watermellon and papaya (those fruits helped me on my constipation), etc

3. Always have some biscuits with you nearby – Mom, when you feel a little bit nausea..quickly have some biscuits or crackers to help you with the symptom – I always had Milk Biscuits ready with me at anytime since I also experienced some gastritis problem during my pregnancy..So I ate some biscuits first before eating the meal..

4.  Have enough Sleep – You cannot be tired during pregnancy. That can worsen the morning sickness – Open your window and have plenty of fresh air..You can sleep well and healthy..Turn Off the Aircon if possible..Have more fresh air during pregnant is better for your lungs..

5. Have a gingger candy – Have you heard of the gingger candy can help you reduce the morning sickness? Yes Mom, gingger candy is better than any other food or drinks made of gingger..It’s safe for you to consume those candies during your pregnancy..But Better Consult with your physician first before consuming the candy!!

Moms, I hope those simple tips can help you on dealing with the morning sickness..But Always Remember to Consult with your Physician during your pregnancy..


Hi Moms..Valentine’s Day is coming soon this weekend..Sure it will be a day full of pink and red hearts all around the town..You can celebrate Valentine’s Day with your children too!! Below are some examples what you can do with your little ones on Valentine’s Day:


SAY I LOVE YOU – Yes Mom, it’s simple but meaningful!! These three little words are the best start for you and your children on the Valentine’s Day..Start early in the morning when you wake your children up from good night sleep..Whisper those words to their little ears slowly..I am sure your kids would wake up with surprise..


GIVE THEM A BIG WARM HUG – Yes Mom, right away after your kids woke up you can give them a BIG WARM HUGS..Kiss them and repeat saying I LOVE YOU..Wow!! I am sure your kids will love you even more..I cannot imagine their big smile and their even warmer hugs for you..


LET’S COOK TOGETHER – Mom, this year.. Valentine’s Day will be on Saturday and it’s WEEKEND..Yay!! No School!! Then you can ask your kids to join you at the kitchen..Start making simple breakfast together..such as roast beef sandwich, cereal, hot dog, don’t forget to make milk shakes perhaps strawberry milkshakes since it’s pink color match the color on Valentine’s Day J..Oyes, Why not making breakfast for DAD too!! Yes, Dad will have to join your Valentine’s Day Little Party..I am sure it would be so much fun to see dad’s reaction in the morning when he sees a special breakfast on the table J


DO SOMETHING SPECIAL TOGETHER – What Next after Breakfast?? Anymore Surprises?? Yes can ask your kids and husband to help you on gardening and this time let’s pick some beautiful flowers together and make a simple cute flower arrangement special for this lovely day!! You can put those flower arrangements later as centerpieces on the dining table, living room’s table, etc..


Don’t have garden?? Don’t worry can ask your kids and husband to make some special Valentine’s cards together..Yes..each one of you is required to make one card for every you can trade the cards later afterwards..You can have a special finale at the end of the day as everyone will trade their cards before going to sleep..Sounds Fun isn’t it Mom??


FINALE – Mom, before the end of the and your husband can give some final surprise for your kids such as bed time stories (special love story for kids since it’s on Valentine’s Day), Sing a goodnight song together, Have a night pray together, or even clean the dishes after dinner together..and any other special activities you might think to add some special ending on the Valentine’s Day..


Enjoy your day with your children and the whole family Mom..and

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY 14th February 2009










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